Kashan’s Koofteh Somagh | Kashan’s local cuisine

Kashan’s Koofteh Somagh | Kashan’s local cuisine

Koofteh is a popular Iranian dish. Its ingredients are minced meat, legume flour, onion, and somagh. Koofteh Somagh come with a sauce the both of which are then eaten with bread.

The taste of Koofteh Somagh

This dish is served in most restaurants in a sweet and sour form, and the customer needs to choose which flavor he or she wants. You may want to order it sour to taste the real taste of koosteh somagh or somagh spool. And if you are not a fan of sour dishes, its sweet taste is also desirable. But if you do not like sour dishes at all, then Irantrawell does not suggest this dish for you.

Where can you have Koofteh Somagh?

If you are the kind of tourist to whom tasting the dishes of the places you go to matters, or a food traveler, then when you get to Kashan find a good restaurant and give the local cuisine there a try. Below, we will recommend some good restaurant so that you may not end up at a bad one whose koofteh somagh is not authentic.

Mozaffari dining room: Alavi street

Abbasi dining room: Fazel Naraghi street, Alavi street

Negin traditional restaurant: Mohtasham street.

Kashan meat and bean | A delicious local cuisine

Food traveling is an important part of any trip. Koofteh somagh and meat and bean are the two main local cuisines of Kashan.

What are the ingredients used in the meat and bean dish?

As it is obvious form its name, the main ingredients for this dish are meat and white beans.

What is mean and bean anyway?

This dish, which is called by residents of Kashan gooshte loobiab or gooshtav, unlike what one might think is served with rice. Of course in the olden days then serving pilaf was a sign of affluence, this dish was served with soup or pot and with bread. But today this dish along with dill pilaf is among the main popular and famous dishes for the people of Kashan. This dish is also of high status in religious gatherings.

Koofteh Somagh
Koofteh Somagh

Where can you have Kashan’s meat and beand?

  • Mozaffari traditional restaurant: Alavi street
  • Abbasi traditional restaurant: Alavi street
  • Negin restaurant: Mohtasham street, Mohtasham shrine alley
  • Saraye Ameriha restaurant: Alavi street
  • Morshedi house restaurant: Kamalolmolk square, Molla Habib Sharif street, Bosstani alley
  • Mahinestan Raheb restaurant: Fazel Naraghi street, 31st alley.

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