Adel historical house in Kashan | Saraye Noh Cham residence

Adel historical house in Kashan | Saraye Noh Cham residence

Adel historical house in Kashan, which now has a new name and use, is one of Kashan’s small and beautiful houses.

About Adel historical house in Kashan

This house was built during the Qajar dynasty and was registered in the national heritage organization in 1394 (Solar). The name of that building is also known as the historical house of Noh Cham, and currently it is known as historical house of Morvarid. You have two choices if you want to visit this house; you can either just go and visit the neighborhood, which is pleasant just as much. Or it is even better for you to spend a night in this historical house so that you mat better understand the traditional atmosphere of the house and enjoy your time more.

Adel historical house
Adel historical house

Architecture and decoration

Adel historical house in Kashan or Noh Cham historical house is one of the most beautiful historic monuments in Kashan and is located at the center of the old part of Kashan. This house has been based on flowerbed pit and by abode, and has two stories. Its magnificent and grand decorations is the sign of its architectural originality, and the fact that it has been designed in tune with the special culture and people of the area is another one its special features.

Adel historical house
Adel historical house

Traditional hotel of the Adel historical house or Saraye Noh Cham

The joy of getting to bed and waking up in a place that not only has a traditional theme, but also truly has come out of the heart of history, is really indescribable. Irantrawell suggests that as well as staying at luxurious and all stars hotels, put staying at a traditional residence and traveling the region in your travels’ schedule. Should you do this, you’ll enjoy your trip even more so. In a way that even staying in you hotel room, at a traditional hotel, could be considered an adventure.

Saraye Noh Cham in Kashan has 9 rooms:

  • 3 one bed rooms, named Yasin, Amin, and Golshan
  • 3 two bed rooms, named Shahrzad, Mahya, and Mahsa (Mayha room, which is a little bit more expensive than all the other rooms, has its own toilet and bath)

At the Adel historical house, or Saraye Noh Cham, breakfast is part of the services that are given. But other meals are not served. You can have your breakfast in the beautiful yard of this house which has a dock. You can also just go to this house to have breakfast, in that case you need to call in advance.

Visiting Saraye Noh Cham

  • Address: Kamalolmolk square, Fazel Naraghi street, Noh Cham alley (Sixth Farhang)
  • Visiting this house is free, and you can do so from 9 A.M. till 7 P.M.
  • Telephone Number: (031) 552-244-95
  • To see a virtual tour of Adel historical house click here.

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