Qajar Museum in Tabriz | The Beautiful Qajar Garden Museum

Qajar Museum in Tabriz | The Beautiful Qajar Garden Museum

The beautiful nature, magnificent architecture, comprehensive museum, calming ambiance and all you need from an urban trip you can see in the Qajar museum in Tabriz.

The History of the Qajar Museum in Tabriz

The city of Tabriz during different historical periods of Iran has a special value and status; this value and status reached its peak during the Ilkhanan and Qajar dynasties. In the year 1018 (Lunar) when Abbas Mirza became the crown prince of the Fath Ali Shah, this town officially became the residence of the crown prince. During the Iranian-Russian wars, Tabriz turned into the command center of Iranian army. The crown prince of Qajar dynasty resided in this town and also ruled this town and during the accession would go to the capital.

Qajar Museum
Qajar Museum

During the Qajar dynasty such beautiful edifices were built in the sheshgelan area and the house of Amir Nezam Garoosi is one of the most valuable remaining of these historical houses and even today it exudes solidity and majesty. This house which is now being used as the Qajar museum was built during the rule of Naser al-Din Shah and the service of Amir Nezam Garoosi by him.

During the Pahlavi dynasty this house was used for the treasury bureau and the bureau of culture, and in the year 1370 (Solar) the cultural heritage handicrafts and tourism organization bought the place and then commenced the repairing process.

History of Tabriz, make sure to read it.

Qajar Museum
Qajar Museum

The Architecture of Qajar Museum

The house of Amir Nezam has two stories and a foundation with the area of 1500 square meters. This building much like many other traditional architectural works has two internal and external yards where the existence of plants, trees and flow of water in its streams and fountains has multiplied the beauty of the place. This section of the house is only a part of this beautiful edifice and unfortunately its other parts have been destructed.

Decorations of the Structure
  • Reticulated shah windows in the upper story
  • Colored windows
  • Plasterwork in the northern and southern sides
  • Mirror work
  • Plasterwork in the internal halls
  • Tanabis in the basement of the pool house
  • Brickwork on the ceiling of the basement

Qajar Museum

In the internal part of this edifice other than the fact that you can see this structure’s architecture and decorations you can visit a complete and beautiful museum in a number of halls. Qajar museum in Tabriz is among the few specialized and topical museum in country.

Halls of the first floor of the Qajar museum: Coil hall, textile hall, China hall, glass hall, metals hall, music hall, Khatam hall;

Basement halls: stone hall, gun hall, hall of biographical evaluation and commands, hall of architecture and urbanization, and hall of lack and hall of lantern.


Visiting the Qajar Museum

Visiting hours: 8 in the morning till 8 at night

Closed day: Official mourning holidays

Ticket price for external area: Free

Ticker price for internal area: 2500 Toman

Ticket for foreign visitors: 150,000 Toman

Address: Tabriz, Sheshgelan street, next to the children’s hospital, behind the sheik attar school

Phone number: (+98)411-5236568

This museum is close to Maqbaratoshoara

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